Meet Julia, a champion for bats in the UK! She is the Joint Chief Executive of Bat Conservation Trust, our trusted colleagues across the pond


Julia HamnerName: Julia Hanmer

Title: Joint Chief Executive

Organization: Bat Conservation Trust

What is your focus in bat conservation?

I run the Bat Conservation Trust, a UK charity working towards a world where bats and people thrive together. We monitor trends in bat populations, run a helpline for people with bat roosts in their homes, develop best practice guidelines, support a network of volunteers and encourage everyone to appreciate, enjoy and help conserve bats.

What is the most satisfying part of your involvement with bat conservation?

I’m motivated by seeing people have close encounters with bats which change their lives. I find it immensely inspiring to see the difference our amazing volunteers can make, whether it’s convincing someone with a bat roost that bats are awesome  or discovering exciting new records of rare species. I also find it very heartening when our funders and donors say yes!

Nathusius pipistrelle What is the most amazing thing you have learnt about bats?

I recently found out, from the fabulous Jenny Clarke and her bats at Sussex Bat Hospital, that Nathusius pipistrelle bats smell of lemons. And they really do!

How are you involved with Bat Conservation International? 

We are working with BCI to develop a global network of networks, to link up the bat conservation NGOs across the world, to share ideas, take concerted action and respond quickly to the biggest threats to bats.


Do you have any advice for people who want to get involved in bat conservation?

Yes, volunteer with a local NGO, or research study. You really can make a difference!