Wyoming AML Survey Katie Jepson / Bat Conservation International 


Create comprehensive spatial datasets on bat distribution, habitat quality, and priority areas
Implement best management practices addressing bat conservation on 100% of the highest priority sites for bat conservation.

Project Details

Our goal is to implement bat conservation on 685 million acres of forests, deserts, and mountain lands managed by the U.S. Government. We work in partnership with federal public land agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and National Park Service to inform management decisions and actions that lessen impacts to bats from energy development, climate change, recreation, and forest management and enhance and protect important bat habitats and populations. Our team coordinates with federal public land agencies to implement protection strategies at priority sites.

We have a cadre of highly trained and very dedicated conservationists that are willing to push, and push very hard, to accomplish our mission.

Jason Corbett, M.S. Director, Habitat Protection and Restoration
Wyoming AML Survey Katie Jepson / Bat Conservation International