Bracken Cave Supporter Event

Creating impactful nature experiences

Many of our members and supporters became connected to bats, bat conservation, and our organization because of personal experiences in nature, and in particular, personal experiences observing and appreciating bats. We commit to making a powerful impact through every aspect of our work.

Read below to learn more about our two current operations and goals.

  • Bracken Cave Preserve

    We are committed to catalyzing the experience of Bracken bat flights to teach the public about the ecological and economic value of bats.

  • Bat Walks Program

    Create unforgettable bat experiences through the launch of a nationwide bat walks program


Community-based education is a cornerstone of what we do on a global scale. The first step to saving them from extinction is to cultivate a connection between people and their local bats. These connections are made stronger through personal experiences and appreciation for bats and their habitats.

Mylea Bayless Chief of Strategic Partnerships
Little girl watches bats emerge from Bracken Cave
Jonathan Alonzo