Largest species of bat in Florida, about the size of a chipmunk


Low reproduction capacity, gives birth to only 1 pup per breeding season


Insectivorous; Feeds on insects protecting our crops and lowering pesticide use




Their habitat is pine tree cavities, bat houses or underneath the tile roofs of homes in residential neighborhoods or businesses. Loss of habitat is their biggest threat, from destruction of natural roost sites to natural disasters such as hurricanes.

Conserve America’s rarest bat and its globally imperiled ecosystem

Common Name
Florida Bonneted Bat
Scientific Name
Eumops floridanus
Federally Endangered
South Florida

Project Details

The Florida bonneted bat (Eumops floridanus) is the rarest bat in the United States. This species has suffered habitat loss due to rapid land development and climate change, which increases the intensity and frequency of storms, reducing natural roost availability. As a consequence, the species’ population has been in decline for decades. Natural roosts are known in only a few locations across South Florida. In collaboration with Zoo Miami, we will lead key research to understand species distribution, foraging habits, and diet in the urban environment. We’ll also build, monitor, and maintain specially designed artificial roosts for Florida bonneted bats in Miami to increase roost availability. To increase the roost search effort within greater Miami, we will increase awareness around species conservation to include the community in our efforts and locate new roosts.

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To learn more about our efforts to protect the Florida bonneted bat from Water Park, Hotel, and Retail development in Miami, CLICK HERE.

Melquisedec Gamba-Rios

Solution-Oriented Research

  • Identify habitat areas that are prime for roosting sites
  • Understand the diet of urban-based Florida Bonneted Bats
  • Understand how noise and light pollution impact bat populations
  • Understand Florida bonneted bat distribution and habitat used in urban environments by establishing a long-term acoustic monitoring network
Florida Bonneted Bat
Dustin Smith

Build Community Support

  • Increase awareness of #ourendangeredneighbor in the Miami-Dade community
  • Help the public understand how everyday activities can impact structures where these amazing creatures roost
  • Generate support for specially designed bat houses in public spaces
  • Conserve open foraging space
Melquisedec Gamba-Rios

Establish Safe Roosts

  • Work with multiple stakeholders, including the local community, to protect existing roosts
  • Research new bat house designs for Florida bonneted bats
  • Reduce everyday disturbances and decrease conflicts with homeowners by installing specially designed bat houses
Melquisedec Gamba-Rios

Miami BatLab Report: 2019-2021

Read the report and get the full scope of how we worked with our partners to support the Endangered population of Florida bonneted bats.

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