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This October, join Bat Conservation International as we celebrate bats! Each week, we’ll bring you activities and opportunities to learn about our flying mammal friends, our work to protect them, and ways you can spread the word about how important these animals are to the health of our planet. October is for Bats culminates in Bat Week at the end of the month!

Discover & Learn

Join us live for educational and entertaining sessions about our work protecting bats.

  • Oct. 2, 6:30pm CDT – Our Populous Friend – the Mexican Free-tailed Bat
    Join Director of Bracken Cave Preserve, Fran Hutchins, as we take a look at the Mexican free-tailed bat – one of the most populous bats in North America. Watch the recording on YouTube or Facebook
  • Oct. 9, 5pm CDT – The Relevancy of Bat Conservation to Global Health
    Hear from BCI’s Chief Scientist Dr. Winifred Frick about the importance of bats in safeguarding our global health. Part of the Oregon State University Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Seminar Series. Watch the recording on YouTube.
  • Oct. 16, 3pm CDT – Our Rare Friend – the Florida Bonneted Bat
    Learn about our work with North America’s rarest bat, the Florida bonneted bat with BCI Research Fellow Dr. Melqui Gamba-Rios. Watch on Facebook or YouTube
  • Oct. 23, 12 noon CDT – BCI Underground
    Learn about our work with mines and caves with BCI’s Director of Habitat Protection & Restoration, Jason Corbett. Facebook Live. Check back here after the event for a recording.

Be a Bat Champion

Give your October to bats! Want to make a big difference for bats around the world and earn exclusive prizes? Consider hosting a fundraiser through the month of October. Download our fundraising toolkit. Bat Champions raising funds in October earn prizes for raising $100, $250, and $500 or more!

Fun ideas:

  • Create a personal Facebook Fundraiser.
  • Streaming your games? Use Tiltify to gain support for bats from your followers or subscribers.
  • Become a mobile fundraising champion. Text Oct4Bats and then click the link provided to get started. See more details in our fundraising toolkit.
  • Donate what you would spend on Halloween candy or costumes to BCI.


Join our campaign to protect the Florida bonneted bat.

Share the Love

Share your love of bats with us and your community through social shares. Use  #battyoctober or #octoberisforbats and show us:

  • Your best Bat Costumes!
  • Your successful Bat Houses!
  • Your batty decorations!

Wear Your Support

Show off your love of bats with BCI merchandise. For a limited time, get your Fall for Bats shirts, hoodies, pet wear, or tote.

Play and Participate

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Also check out BatWeek for more fun and activities.