An Antioquian sac-winged bat perches in a net

A bat so rare we thought it was extinct needs your help right now.  The endangered Antioquian sac-winged bat is under imminent threat from mining and timber extraction in its small range in Colombia.  But we have a plan to save it from extinction – with your help. Your gift today saves the Antioquian sac-winged bat, supports 55 other bat species, protects 66 caves, and preserves 1,200 acres of forest in one the most biologically diverse habitats on the planet.   

In an area where mining concessions vastly outpace conservation action, we have to act now.  Please make a gift today so we can permanently protect this bat species (and so much more). 

This bat is so scarce, we only have this one photo to share with you. If we don’t take urgent action now, they will almost certainly disappear forever within a decade.  Will you help us meet our $250,000 goal so that we can give them a fighting chance at a comeback?  Take a moment right now to make a difference before it’s too late.  Thank you.

Location: Colombia, South America
Species: Antioquian sac-winged bat (and 55 other bat species)
o Find and locate the most critical roosting, feeding, and breeding areas this bat needs for survival.
o Permanently preserve 1,200 acres of the most important habitat by enrolling them in a Habitat Bank program.
o Develop a long-term conservation action plan so this bat doesn’t disappear again – this time forever.