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BCI Photo Collection

BCI Photo Collection

Bat Conservation International has the largest collection of bat photographs in the world - about 75,000 professional-quality images of bat species from every continent but Antarctica. The right to use these copyrighted images may be purchased from BCI, and proceeds support bat conservation. BCI photos have been published in the National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon and Time magazines and countless other magazines, newspapers, books, videos and websites. Most images in the collection were taken by BCI Founder Merlin D. Tuttle, a biologist and award-winning nature photographer.

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A lesser long-nosed bat is in flight to pollinate a saguaro flower.

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A pallid bat has captured a katydid.

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A portrait of a spotted bat

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A portrait of a hoary bat

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A portrait of a Mexican long-tongued bat

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A portrait of a Peters's ghost-faced bat

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A portrait of a Yuma myotis

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A portrait of a greater bonneted bat

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A small colony of pallid bats roosts in the rafters of a building.

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Big brown bats are roosting under a wooden bridge.

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Evening bats roost in the rafters of a building.

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BCI owns and protects Bracken Cave and is working to develop it as a world-class education and research center.

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Mexican free-tailed bats roost inside Bracken Cave near the entrance.

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A mother cares for her newborn Mexican free-tailed pup in Bracken Cave near San Antonio, TX.

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Mothers and newborn Mexican free-tailed pups roost in the nursery colony at Bracken Cave, near San Antonio, TX.

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A Mexican free-tailed bat is in flight.

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Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from Bracken Cave near San Antonio, TX.

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Southeastern myotis in flight are attacked by a snake on a tree limb.

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A hoary bat roosts in a tree.

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A mother eastern red bat and her newborn twin pups roost in a tree.

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