Give a Gift Membership

Give a Gift Membership

2015 Member Gifts

Renewing members with a 2015 renew date only

Shopping Bag. $45 and $60 New and Renewing Members

Gray Earthwise polypropylene reusable and recyclable shopping bags with a circle of bats and BCI logo imprinted on both sides. Quantity of two. Art by Jasun Huerta.

BCI Umbrella. $100 and Greater New and Renewing Members

A circle of bats and the BCI logo is imprinted on each panel of this gray nylon umbrella. Rubberized handle with push button opening, it opens to a 42” arc and folds down to 15”. Cover is included. Art by Jasun Huerta. 

$250+ members will receive both gifts.


2016 Member Gifts

Renewing members with a 2016 renew date only:

BCI Faux Leather Cap. $100+ New and Renewing Members

BCI’s new faux leather logo baseball cap honoring your favorite conservation team!


Edward Gorey Notecards. $45 and $60+ New and Renewing Members

A set of six Bracken Cave “Save the Mom Bats!” notecards by noted illustrator and author Edward Gorey.

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Tax Deduction Statement
Under U.S.A. Internal Revenue Service guidelines, the estimated value of the benefits you receive by becoming a BCI member, including BATS magazine, is not considered substantial; therefore, the full amount of your payment is a deductible contribution.

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