Women in bat conservationWomen have played a large role in bat conservation. We are celebrating their contributions as a part of Women's History month              


Women in bat conservation imagesConservation doesn’t just happen. It takes the skills, passion and commitment of many to ensure the future of bat species and the ecosystems they support.

Women have played a large role in bat conservation. To celebrate their contributions and to inspire women everywhere, Bat Conservation International is highlighting “Women In Bat Conservation” from around the world as a part of Women's History month, March 2015.

Women work in all areas of bat conservation, from scientists trying to understand bat biology through to wildlife professionals caring for sick or displaced bats.  While working with these fascinating creatures is a joy for many, some of the most important conservation work is not done directly with the animals but instead in classrooms or offices. Many of our leaders in bat conservation work with governments and communities, communicating the importance of bats and working with these groups to protect local populations and their habitats.

We have talked with over 30 women working in bat conservation around the world about their experiences. Each day we will highlight one of these women and share with you their inspirations and insights that drive their commitment to bat conservation. We hope that by sharing their amazing stories we might inspire women of all ages to think about how they can make a difference.

julia hanmer

Juliet Vanitharani

Diana Foss

Cullen Geiselman

Ann Froscher

Louise Saunders

Katie Gillies


Susan Loeb


Peggy Eby


Iroro Tanshi




Veronica Brown


Winifred Frick