Common Name
Hill’s Horseshoe Bat

Pronunciation: rye-no-loh-fus hill-i

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered (IUCN Red List)

Diet: Insectivore

Very little is known about the mysterious Hill’s Horseshoe Bat. It is endemic to Rwanda, and has only been recorded within Nygunwe National Park. While roosting sites have not been identified, it is thought to roost in caves or old mining tunnels in montane tropical forests. Like other species of horseshoe bats, it is insectivorous,but its exact diet and foraging habits are still unknown.

BCI is working with rangers in Nygunwe National Park to conduct bat surveys and identify potential bat roosts within the park.

BCI Conservation Projects including Hill’s Horseshoe Bat: Endangered Species Interventions

Literature Cited
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Approximate Range