Scientific Name
Natalus jamaicensis
Global Conservation Status (IUCN)
Critically Endangered

Data Sheet

Diet: The Jamaican greater funnel-eared bat eats insects, though its exact diet is still unknown. 

Fun Fact: The Jamaican greater funnel-eared bat was initially described as a subspecies of the greater funnel-eared bat (Natalus major).

Appearance:  Jamaican greater funnel-eared bats are named for their distinctive funnel shaped ears. They have buffy colored fur and pointed, funnel-shaped ears. 

Habitat: Based on their long tail membranes and agile flight, they are thought to forage primarily in dry, cluttered habitats. This species prefers large caves with high humidity and average temperatures for roosting. Much of the biology and population estimates for this bat are unknown, as they are known only from a single cave in Jamaica. 

Conservation Concerns: Found only on the island of Jamaica and known only from a single cave population, the Jamaican greater funnel-eared bat is Critically Endangered. Human disturbance at their cave roost and predation by rats and feral cats are the main conservation concerns. Together with the Jamaican government, BCI is working to survey for other potential roost sites, monitor the current population, and protect their cave habitat.  

BCI Conservation Projects including Jamaican greater funnel-eared bat.

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