Volume 11
Issue 2

BCI often has special needs ranging from assistance with funding conservation and education projects, to enabling staff attendance at conferences and workshops, and purchasing office equipment. Your help can make a big difference. For more information, or to make a donation, please call Cindy Lind at BCI, 512-327-9721.

Assistance to Conservationists
BCI annually provides honorary memberships to worthy conservationists in other countries. Their participation in saving bats is vital to progress, yet they often cannot afford to pay for membership. Your help will keep them informed. We will tell you who you have assisted and acknowledge your gift to the recipient(s). (Thirty-four memberships are needed at $30 each or a total of $1,020.)

Computer Upgrades
BCI’s Education Department needs an IBM-compatible 386 40mhz computer. ($2,000)

Memory Upgrades
One of BCI’s urgent needs is for 24 megabytes of additional memory for four office computers. This will greatly increase the speed and efficiency with which we can process and service requests from our members and the public. A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated. ($50 per megabyte, or $1,200 total.)

Conference Table
A 12-foot conference table with 10 to 12 chairs is needed for BCI’s new conference room, which is used to host visiting conservationists, staff meetings, and board functions. (Estimated cost to purchase used furniture: $2,500.)

Many thanks to Jeff and Helen Acopian, Easton, PA, and Eileen C. Moyer, Hyde Park, MA, for funding inter-library loans; Patrick McKenna, Dallas, TX, and Frederic B. Viaux, Wellesley, MA, for sponsoring foreign conservationist memberships; and Eunice Van Vleck, Middlebury, VT, for sponsoring BCI attendance at a conservation conference in Venezuela.