Volume 10
Issue 2

BCI often has special needs ranging from assistance with funding conservation and education projects, to enabling staff attendance at conservation conferences and workshops, to purchasing office equipment. Your help can make a big difference. For more information, or to make a donation, please call Cindy Lind at BCI, 512-327-9721.

Adopt-a-Graduate-Student Project
BCI has received an unprecedented number of requests for help in sponsoring important graduate student research projects this year. For $2,500, you can be of tremendous assistance to one of these students. You will be informed of how your contribution helped, and if desired, we will put you directly in contact with the student you sponsor.

Sponsor BCI Participation in International Bat Conference
The Ninth International Bat Research Conference will be held in Madurai, India, in August. Participating in this triennial meeting is essential for BCI to identify special bat conservation needs and to develop solutions with the world’s leading bat authorities. $2,500 will fund travel and registration expenses. The sponsor will receive a complete report.

Special Training for BCI Staff
Sponsor a BCI staff member to attend a special 10-day field training workshop this summer at one of the Southwest’s foremost areas of bat diversity. This bat workshop will greatly enhance the program staff’s ability to respond effectively to the thousands of assistance requests they annually receive. For some staff members, this will be their first field training experience. The total cost is $3,750 ($750 per person, five attending). Sponsors will receive a workshop report.

Phone and Communication System
One of BCI’s urgent needs is a new phone system. The current system, purchased five years ago, no longer adequately supports a staff of 17 and the thousands of calls we now receive. A more efficient system has been identified at a discounted price of $18,985 (proposal and budget available).

Conference Table
A 12-foot conference table with 10-12 chairs would greatly facilitate BCI staff meetings and board functions, and provide a meeting room to host visiting conservationists and scientists. Estimated cost to purchase used furniture is $2,500.

Computer Upgrades for Key Staff
BCI needs an IBM-compatible 386 20mhz computer ($1,484) and an IBM-compatible 386 33mhz computer ($2,096).

Thanks to David Minsker, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, BCI’s library is now receiving Current Contents. Thanks also to Bret Whitney of Austin, Texas for donating a computer and monitor to BCI, and to Barry and Janice Foti, Greensboro, Maryland for one month’s care of BCI’s flying foxes.