Volume 9
Issue 3

From time to time, BCI’s rapid growth creates the need for equipment and other items to help us function more efficiently. Members may be able to help us meet some of these needs.

For more information, or to make a contribution, please call Linda Rogers at BCI, 512/3279721.

Bat Care
To cover the costs of feeding and maintaining the health of our flying fox bats, Zuri and Abby ($75 for 1 month or $900 for a full year).

Bat “Aviary”
Materials to build a new open-air flight cage to ensure Zuri and Abby the best of comfort between ambassadorial duties (approx. $300).

A journal subscription to the weekly Current Contents, which lists the contents of over 1,000 scientific journals–essential to access current bat-relevant literature ($360 per year).

Special thanks to the following members for their generous contributions: Mary Rauch, Silver City, NM, for donating $225 toward the much-needed projector and screen for Vanuatu, and to Kathleen Adkins, Valhalla, NY, for matching these funds; Peter Schuyler, New Haven, CT, for a dot-matrix printer; Ellen Moyer, Hyde Park, MA, for back issues of Current Contents from MIT’s Science Library.