Volume 15
Issue 3

Your help with any of the following special needs would greatly increase our effectiveness. To make a donation, or for more information, please call Bob Benson at BCI, (512) 327-9721, ext. 27.

Two-Way Radios

BCI’s field staff would be greatly assisted in field research and at bat workshops by a set of Motorola 7X Sport Radios. These durable and compact two-way radios would allow communication between groups in the field for improved safety and coordination–especially when radiotracking bats to roosts in rugged terrain. Six radios are requested ($200 each).

Night-Vision Goggles

We would be grateful for donations in any amount toward a pair of

PVS-7B Night-Vision Goggles. These amazing goggles are an invaluable asset in surveying caves and mines; they make darkness look like daylight, allowing easy navigation and unimpaired observation of bats. They also free up hands for recording data and other tasks. The goggles would be especially useful at bat conservation workshops ($2,895).

Infrared Thermometer

A Raynger PM20 Portable Infrared Thermometer is needed for cave, mine, and bridge surveys. With this sophisticated thermometer, we can take temperature readings from more than 50 feet away. This capability is essential for obtaining data from inaccessible areas and also prevents needless disturbance of bats ($745).

A special thank-you to everyone who made our last wish list come true! To Lars Pettersson of Sweden for donating an Anabat Bat Detector, to John O’Hara of Philadelphia, PA, and the Whole Earth Center, Princeton, NJ, for their contributions toward the purchase of a multi-purpose sawtable, and to Apple Computer, Inc., for their in-kind gift of a new computer–we are tremendously grateful.