Volume 14
Issue 1

Your help with any of the following items would make a big difference to our educational efforts. To make a donation, or for more information, please call Robert Benson at BCI,

(512) 327-9721, ext. 27.

Field Equipment

With an unprecedented number of Bat Conservation and Management Workshops last year, we’ve had to juggle our limited supply of workshop materials. We would be grateful for donations to purchase new mist nets, which allow us to safely capture bats in the wild. We need four each of three sizes: 18′ at $58 each; 30′ at $70 each; and 42′ at $94 each, for a total cost of $888.

We also dream of creating first-rate recordings of ultrasonic bat echolocation signals. By starting this initiative at our workshops this summer, we could add a valuable new component to the curriculum while producing exciting educational audiotapes for teachers and interpreters. All we need is the equipment, but the cost is beyond our current budget. A recording system composed of a powerful bat detector, portable tape recorder, speakers, cables, and assorted gear totals $5,500. Contributions towards this amount would be greatly appreciated.

The BCI staff sends sincere thanks to Lewis Hiltpold, Houston, TX, and to the Exxon Corporation for their contributions toward a new laser printer for the office.