Volume 12
Issue 3

BCI OFTEN HAS special needs ranging from assistance with funding conservation and education projects, to enabling staff attendance at conferences and workshops, to purchasing office equipment. Your help can make a difference. For more information, or to make a donation, please call Robert Benson at BCI, 512-327-9721.

Emergency Conservation Fund
BCI devotes much of its time to proactive conservation. Through education, we hope to prevent many situations from ever reaching crisis proportions. However, crisis situations do occur, and BCI must be prepared to respond quickly. The costs and time involved in emergency conservation assistance include travel, telephone, staff hours, and educational materials. Your help ensures designated funds when the need arises. Contributions from $1,000 and up are welcome. (Last year’s Millie Hill Mine project alone cost BCI several thousand dollars.) The fund has been seriously depleted by a series of recent emergencies and remains $6,000 below minimum needs, despite much-appreciated recent donations.

BCI’s Xerox copy machine is old and now in need of constant repair. We are seeking a new Xerox 5028 copier. Replacing this equipment would greatly assist our efficiency ($5,000).

Computer Upgrade
A 486 DX 2/66 computer and SVGA monitor is urgently needed to upgrade our Education Department’s current equipment ($1,800).

Many thanks to Jeff Allen, Marina Del Rey, CA, for contributing an HP Laserjet printer; Richard and Charlene Forest, Brooklyn, NY, and George and Naomi Zumbaris, Buffalo, NY, for contributing to the Emergency Conservation Fund; Dr. Lanna Ruddy, Geneseo, NY, Marilou Laws, North Bend, WA, William and Eleanor Alford, Chesapeake, VA, and Robert and Henriette Fremont, Los Angeles, CA for sponsoring Foreign Conservationist memberships.