Volume 36
Issue 1
Bat flying in the sky

Hundreds of classrooms, parents and young bat fans alike tuned in during Bat Week (Oct. 2431) to watch the Bat Squad! kids share their messages on the benefits of bats, their habitats, the threats they face and how other kids can get involved in conservation.

Each 15-minute episode was followed by a live Twitter Q&A session where the Bat Squad! kids answered questions from fans. From their favorite bat to how other kids could follow in their footsteps, no question was too big or too small. Educators were also invited to download free episode-specific activities geared toward Next Generation Science Standards to further engage young bat fans.

But that was only the beginning.

With funding from BCI and the U.S. Forest Service, the Bat Squad! webcasts have been translated into French and Spanish so they can be presented to an international audience.

Soon these eight amazing kids will be able to share their batty experiences and inspire young bat conservationists all around the world!

You can watch the Bat Squad! webcasts and download the classroom resources at www.batcon.org/BatSquad