Volume 12
Issue 2

10day Natural History Expedition
January 20-29, 1995
All inclusive from Dallas

Join BCI founder Merlin Tuttle, and BCI member and Venezuelan naturalist Jose Ochoa, for a unique natural history tour of Venezuela.

Venezuela offers the best wildlife viewing in South America. It is home to some 330 species of mammals, almost half of which are bats. We anticipate seeing the widest variety of bats yet seen on a BCI tour, including fish- and frog-eating bats, tent-makers, vampires, strikingly colored fruit bats, and many more. We are also likely to see giant anteaters, herds of capybara, three-toed sloths, monkeys, anacondas, and perhaps even an ocelot or jaguar. The bird life is equally impressive.

We will visit Morrocoy National Park on the Caribbean coast, where we will see numerous sea birds, including great flocks of scarlet ibis and flamingo, and enjoy snorkeling in the clear reef waters. We will also visit the cloud forests of Henri Pittier National Park, which has some of the world’s most fascinating bats and an incredible variety of plants and birds (nearly half the bird species recorded in Venezuela are found here). From there we will visit the llanos, a vast grassland with abundant and often spectacular wildlife, interspersed with rivers and unique forests. There we will be guests at a very special and remote ranch, where we will enjoy extraordinary bird watching in addition to making excursions to spot the larger and seldom-seen nocturnal animals and to net bats in the area’s varied habitats.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join the experts and get to know the bats and other wildlife of this beautiful country. This special Founder’s Circle trip is open to all current BCI Founder’s Circle members and those who join with this special activity. There are only 18 spaces available, so register early!

For more information and a complete itinerary, contact: Cindy Lind, BCI, P.O. Box 162603, Austin, TX 78716, 512-327-9721.

The frog-eating bat is only one of the many bats you might see on this trip.