Volume 7
Issue 3

A wonderful gift idea, this year give a BCI membership to family and friends. You can share your enthusiasm and concern for our “furry friends” through a BCI membership. It’s the perfect way to educate others about the importance of bats. Give an individual membership for $25 or a family membership for $35. We’ll send an attractive gift card to notify each person on your list, followed by a new member packet with information about bats and BCI.

Please list additional gifts on a separate sheet

____Family $35 ____Individual $25

CITY____________ STATE____ ZIP_________
____Enclosed is my check payable to Bat Conservation International (U.S. Funds Only)
____Please charge my credit card: ____Visa _____Mastercard
account number is _________________Exp. Date_____________

Your name and address please:

CITY_________ STATE___ ZIP____________