Volume 16
Issue 2

I’d like to apologize to all our readers and especially to author Kate Muller for the mistake in Muller’s article,"Bat Crumbs: What I Learned from a Pallid Bat’s Leftovers" in our last issue, Spring 1998. The bar chart published with the article was rendered indecipherable in one of the most bizarre technological glitches I’ve ever witnessed.

Originally there had been patterns in each bar for easy reading in black and white. But when our print shop opened up the computer file to merely darken a line in the chart, all the patterns somehow reverted to gray, and both the printer and I (your ordinarily observant editor) failed to notice this change on a subsequent proof. I can only imagine the confusion of readers trying to discern the difference between light gray, slightly light gray, and not-so-light gray bars!

If you would like to see the original chart, feel free to contact me at BCI at 512-327 9721 or smccabe@batcon.org. Meanwhile, I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate Kate Muller for another great article–this time about her. On May 11, Muller was featured on the front of the "San Joaquin Metro" section of California’s Stockton Record.

"A keen interest in a tiny critter many find downright creepy has landed a 15-year-old Valley Springs girl on the pages of an international magazine," the lengthy article proclaimed. Several columns of information about bats and BCI were included, with quotes from BCI spokesman Bob Benson. The article also quoted Muller’s former science teacher, BCI member Vicky Martinez, and featured a picture of Muller with the spring issue of BATS! Thanks for the publicity, Kate, and keep up the good work!

–Sara McCabe, Editor