Volume 34
Issue 1

Your help with any of these special needs will directly improve BCI’s ability to protect bats and their habitats.

  • Creation of a BCI mobile and tablet app: BCI is always seeking new ways to promote bat conservation. A gift(s) totaling $14,600 will allow BCI to build an interactive educational app for iPhones and iPads. Virtually nothing on bats currently exists in this format.
  • Conservation of Fiji’s endangered bats: The Critically Endangered Mirimiri, the national mammal of Fiji, and the Endangered Fijian free-tailed bat are two of Fiji’s three endangered bats, and their last known strongholds are highly threatened. The Mirimiri, known only from the Taveuni Forest Reserve on Taveuni Island—and possibly from remnant cloud forests on Vanua Levu Island, according to an unconfirmed report—is threatened by forest fragmentation. The only confirmed roost of the endangered Fijian free-tailed bat is in Nakanacagi Cave on Vanua Levu Island, which has experienced significant clearcutting of its forests. BCI and local conservation group NatureFiji-MareqetiViti are working to end both threats, and we have an urgent need for $15,000 to launch a dedicated effort with local communities, the government and private companies to protect the critical habitat for these species and plan for their recovery.
  • Bat detectors for Venezuela: The Paraguana moustached bat is endemic to Venezuela’s tiny Paraguana Peninsula. Known from just four caves, this insect-eating bat is critically endangered. BCI and our Venezuelan partners are working to expand protection and improve conservation management of these caves and the bat’s most important foraging areas. Two gifts of $1,500 or one gift of $3,000 will allow BCI to provide its in-country partners with two Pettersson D240X ultrasound detectors to better map the bat’s critical habitats.
  • Bat trunks for classrooms: BCI
  • Bat Trunks travel to classrooms around the country—a much in-demand curriculum tool for teachers and librarians. Each trunk includes books, DVDs, activity instructions and other cool things like, “this is what bat fur feels like” swatches. Creating and replenishing these trunks is labor-intensive but well worth it. A gift of $5,500 will allow BCI to hire a college intern to respond to school and library requests for these unique teaching aids.
  • Bat flyers for flying bats: The demand for education and outreach materials on bats continues to grow significantly, as does the need for such materials, as bats come under increasing pressure from habitat loss, wind power, White-Nose Syndrome and other threats. A gift of $2,100 will allow BCI to reprint three of its most-requested brochures for the next year.

To contribute to any of these BCI wish-list initiatives or to request more information, contact BCI’s Department of Philanthropy at 512 327-9721 or development@batcon.org.