Volume 18
Issue 3

Two great ways to make your money work as hard as you do!

Are you looking for that perfect gift that won’t be given away in next year’s spring cleaning? A contribution to Bat Conservation International is the solution. BCI members often make or request donations in honor of weddings, birthdays, graduations, or in memory of a special family member or friend. If you’re tired of getting ties every Father’s Day, ask that a contribution be made to BCI instead. Or, if you don’t know how you’ll fit all those wedding gifts in your already-full cupboards, you might request that donations be made in lieu of material items.

For monetary donations not designated as memberships, BCI will send the recipient a special card notifying them of your gift. You can even include a personal note. For gift memberships, recipients will be told of your gift in a letter sent with their new member packet. As members, they will receive BATS magazine four times a year, discounts on catalog items, and other benefits. You also may consider “adopting” a bat in someone’s name, either through the $15 Adopt-a-Bat program, or as part of a gift membership.

For whatever reason, in whatever season, conservation is always a thoughtful way to show you care. BCI offers three convenient methods for contributing:

1. Use the donation envelope in this magazine.

2. Go to the BCI Web site, www.batcon.org, and click on “Join and Renew.”

3. Call the BCI office at (512) 327-9721.