Volume 6
Issue 3

R. E. Stebbings Christopher Helm Publishers Ltd., 1988
Softcover, 246 pages
(Available from Natural History Book Service Ltd., 2 Wills Road, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5XN, United Kingdom. L10.95 includes overseas shipping)

Conservation of European Bats is the most up-to-date and authoritative work on this subject and is an invaluable resource for wildlife planners interested in the needs of bats. Covering the natural history of bats and their conservation problems, it includes recommendations to preserve them and provides the most detailed documentation yet published on causes of decline. Species accounts and country by country reports list specific needs, plans and accomplishments. A detailed example of how to develop a conservation strategy for an endangered bat species is especially helpful.

Though prepared specifically for European bats, this book is also an excellent resource for anyone investigating causes of decline or planning conservation initiatives in other temperate zone areas, such as the United States and Canada.