Volume 39
Issue 1

In October 2019, members of the BCI team made seven different presentations on bat biology and conservation during the 49th North American Symposium on Bat Research in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The annual meeting allows researchers, educators, and the general public to exchange knowledge and foster collaboration. BCIs presentations at the symposium included:

  • Dr. Winifred Frick discussed threats, challenges, and solutions for bat conservation around the globe.
  • Dr. Jon Flanders spoke about the importance of conserving caves for critically endangered species in the Caribbean.
  • Dr. Melquisedec Gamba-Rios analyzed how ecotourism and human disturbance can affect bats.
  • Dr. Tina Cheng examined how collaborative bat monitoring increases understanding of the ways White-nose syndrome affects North American bat species.
  • Michael Schirmacher explored how operational minimization at wind turbines could help reduce bat fatalities.
  • Michael Whitby explained a study on intra-annual isotope sampling of red bats in Nebraska.
  • Dr. Kristin Jonasson presented a poster about using UV lights to create prey patches where bats with White-nose syndrome could forage.