Volume 10
Issue 4

Bats and BCI are featured on a new one-hour training video that will go to subscribing pest control operators (PCO’s) throughout the United States, Japan, and Europe. Produced by the Pest Control Videocassette Network, the video contains an interview with Merlin Tuttle discussing urban bats, their benefits, and solutions to problems that operators encounter when responding to a bat “nuisance” call. It also shows the proper techniques to exclude bats without use of pesticides.

Seeing the positive promotion of BCI in the May 1992 issue of Pest Management [BATS, Fall 1992] was the catalyst for the Pest Control Videocassette Network to feature bats on one of their bimonthly tapes. The pest control industry has come a long way in the past 10 years, going from uniformly poisoning bats to learning non-lethal methods of solving problems. Certainly, everyone benefits–the PCO’s and homeowners who don’t have to expose themselves to the hazards of chemicals, and most especially bats and the environment. BCI applauds the trend.