Volume 2
Issue 3

BCI is honored to welcome two additional scientific advisory board members.

INDIA- Dr. M. K. Chandrashekaran is a professor and head of the Department of Animal Behavior, School of Biological Sciences, at Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai, India and is also a fellow in the Indian Academy of Sciences, He has written a variety of popular articles on bats and has published over 40 research papers on the subject of tidal/lunar and circadian rhythms. He currently is continuing his studies of bat behavior and is preparing a report on the conservation needs of Indian bats.

UNITED KINGDOM-Dr. Paul A. Racey is Senior Lecturer in Zoology at the University of Aberdeen. He hosted the Seventh International Bat Research Conference in Aberdeen in August 1985, and has published more than 60 research papers, mainly on bats, and several book chapters. His special research areas include reproductive biology and ecology of British bats. Recently, he has studied the harmful effects of chlorinated hydrocarbon remedial timber treatment on house bats and has recommended safe alternatives. He also is interested in the conservation problems of bats endemic to Indian Ocean islands.