Volume 6
Issue 1

An exciting new way for friends of Bat Conservation International to help assure its future success has been announced by the BCI Board of Trustees. All supporters will be invited to consider including a charitable bequest to BCI in their wills. Bequests will be used to create a permanent endowment fund which will provide long-term help in preserving bats and their habitats worldwide.

“Protecting bats from destruction will be an ongoing struggle for generations to come,” said Merlin Tuttle, Founder and Science Director. “It’s vital that we who care deeply about conservation extend our influence into the future. Bequests are a uniquely effective way to do this.”

Most endowment funds in nonprofit organizations are built from bequests and other “estate” gifts. As noted by BCI’s Executive Director, George Perry, “An endowment fund will greatly strengthen BCI and assure its long-term conservation success.”

Gifts through bequests are the fastest-growing area of philanthropy in America. More and more people are learning that they can make valuable gifts to the causes they believe in, without sacrificing current income or assets.

If enough friends of BCI set aside something in their estate plans now, BCI could greatly expand its efforts with major ongoing impact in protecting bats and helping to preserve healthy environments around the world. The potential for bats and for future generations is enormous.

Bequests of any amount can be included easily in a new will, or by a codicil (amendment) to an existing will. BCI can assist with appropriate wording. Donors can also designate their gifts for specific areas or projects, if desired.

Bat Conservation International has prepared a new brochure explaining how a bequest can be made to help protect bats around the world. Friends of BCI are invited to obtain a copy, without obligation, by writing or calling the BCI office.