Volume 14
Issue 3

Did you know:

The California leaf-nosed bat can live in hot desert climates for months at a time without drinking.

A hibernating little brown bat can reduce its heart rate to just 20 beats per minute, stop breathing for 48 minutes at a time, and stay in hibernation for more than seven months.

Pound for pound, a mother Mexican free-tailed bat produces more than five times as much milk as an average Holstein cow.

A nursing mother little brown bat eats more than her own body weight nightly–up to 4,500 insects, including pests such as mosquitoes.

These facts and others are included in our new "American Bat Facts" card, available in the fall 1996 BCI catalogue. The new cards are wallet-sized and come in packs of 25, just like our original Bat Facts card. Perfect for sharing with friends or handing out after a lecture. To order, call 1-800-538-BATS or 512-327-9721.