Volume 14
Issue 1

BCI colleague Stacy Bishkin enjoys a moment of solitude at Bracken Cave. Many visitors say that witnessing Bracken’s free-tailed bat emergence is one of their most memorable encounters with nature.

Imagine a warm, Texas Hill Country summer evening, a beautiful sunset in the making, and the soft, rhythmic beat of 20 million bat wings . . . What more could a BCI member ask for?

This year, on May 18, June 8, July 13, and August 10, Bracken Cave will be opened for BCI members only. These special, free, member-appreciation nights will be coordinated and hosted by Trustee and Bracken Cave Committee Chairman J. David Bamberger, with assistance from BCI staff. Mr. Bamberger and his outstanding volunteers have contributed thousands of hours to improving the access road, restoring historic buildings, and constructing trails, interpretive signs, and the new outhouse. BCI members and immediate family (no guests or pets) are invited. See inside back cover for details.

BCI members interested in attending a members-only night at Bracken Cave on May 18, June 8, July 13, or August 10 should contact Mr.

David Bamberger’s San Antonio office (210-690-5564) to make reservations for one of these nights. Space is limited to a total of 50 people each night.

Please don’t contact the BCI office for reservations or cancellations. In an effort to save BCI staff time and minimize confusion, Mr. Bamberger has generously agreed to handle all arrangements.

There are just a few simple considerations for these special evenings:

(1) To minimize disturbance to neighboring landowners, we’ll form carpools before going to the cave. Once the group arrives at the cave, there will be no opportunity to leave until the whole group leaves–after dark. Plan to spend two to three hours at the cave.

(2) You are welcome to bring snacks, since no food will be provided. There will be drinking water available, and there is an outhouse on the property.

(3) Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Sandals are not recommended because of fire ants. Trails are cobbly but wheelchair accessible. Cameras are welcome.

(4) Threatening weather, even light rain, will not be cause for cancellation. However, if it’s raining steadily, or if the road is impassable due to

previous rainfall, we’ll be forced to cancel. Unfortunately, no rain replacement dates can be scheduled. Rain is most likely in May.

(5) Reservations must be finalized through Mr. Bamberger’s office for all four dates by May 1st. Please do not call except to notify of cancellation after that date.