Volume 14
Issue 3


BCI’s successful field study workshop program, now in its eighth year, has provided training to hundreds of wildlife biologists, educators, and other serious students of bat conservation. Through hands-on experience, participants learn bat conservation and research techniques including netting, trapping, radiotracking, night-vision observation, and habitat assessment. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available for federal and state agency biologists, land managers, and others with special needs. Prices are all-inclusive from the departure city. For complete itineraries, application forms, or a list of additional training opportunities, contact Janet Tyburec at BCI, 512-327-9721, ext. 22, or via e-mail: jtyburec@batcon.org


In Arizona we emphasize western bats, of which we can expect to capture and release as many as 17 species in a single evening, with additional close-up observations of endangered long-nosed and Mexican long-tongued bats at hummingbird feeders. The field site at the American Museum of Natural History Southwestern Research Station is located in a beautiful riparian canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains, and is among the most species-rich areas of North America.

Limited to 12 people per session.

Choose one of three 5-day sessions starting May 22, May 27, or June 1, 1997

Cost: $995 (from Tucson, AZ)


In Pennsylvania we emphasize eastern bats and habitats with activities designed to teach participants how to make a personal difference for bat conservation. Included is an early-morning field trip to an ancient churchyard where the return of 10,000 little brown bats at dawn will fill the sky above us. We will also journey into a gated mine to learn about the subterranean habitat that is the winter home of endangered Indiana bats and five other species. Using night-vision equipment, we will observe the fascinating fall swarming behavior of thousands of bats outside the mine at dusk. Our comfortable lodging at the historic Greene Hills Manor features traditional Pennsylvania-Dutch cooking.

Limited to 15 people per session.

Choose one of two 5-day sessions starting August 18 or August 25, 1997

COST: $995 (from Harrisburg, PA)


For the past six years, BCI has been offering natural history tours like no others: special trips to tropical locations with an emphasis on creatures of the night–bats! Join us in one of these opportunities to become acquainted with bats in their natural habitats and to observe the vital ecological roles they play. Travel is arranged by International Expeditions. Prices are all-inclusive from the departure city.

Founder’s Circle Tour to Australia

BCI members are invited to join BCI’s Founder’s Circle and participate in a one-of-

a-kind 18-day adventure "down under" with Merlin Tuttle. We will have the chance to see up to six species of megabats, from the tiny blossom bat to enormous grey headed and black flying foxes. See pages 14 and 15 for more highlights.

Limited to 16 people.

February 20 – March 9, 1997

Cost: $6,984 (from Los Angeles, CA)

For a complete itinerary and registration information, contact Arnold Phifer at BCI, 512-327-9721, ext. 26, or via e-mail: aphifer@batcon.org

Adventure Trek to the Tambopata Reserve, Peru

Join BCI on a spectacular journey deep into the Amazon basin of southern Peru to the proposed 2.2 million-acre Tambopata National Park. Home to 1,200 species of birds, 200 mammals, 90 frogs, and 1,200 butterflies, this tropical preserve offers wildlife watching at its best. From our rustic yet comfortable accommodations at Tambopata’s Jungle Lodge and Research Center, we will have the opportunity to net bats, spotlight for nocturnal wildlife, and experience the dawn arrival of over 1,000 macaw parrots at the riverside clay licks featured in National Geographic (January 1994). Don’t miss this chance to see one of the "Last Great Places" on earth.

Limited to 16 people.

April 20 – April 29, 1997

Cost: $2448 (from Miami, FL). For optional 3-day extension to Machu Picchu, add $1098.

For a complete itinerary and registration information, contact Janet Tyburec at BCI, 512-327-9721, ext. 22, or via e-mail: