Volume 34
Issue 2

We are pleased to welcome Micaela Jemison to the BCI team as our new communications manager. Jemison is not only a science communicator but also a bat ecologist, so she is a perfect fit for BCI. She joins us from the Smithsonian Institution, where she worked with scientists from across its many museums and research facilities in communicating their brilliant research. It is Jemison’s love of bats and conservation, however, that has led her from the illustrious Smithsonian to BCI.

Jemison’s own conservation career began in her homeland of Australia, where she worked as a threatened-species scientist for the state government of Victoria. For over six years, she conducted scientific research and conservation planning for a range of Australian bat species, including the southern bent-wing bat (Miniopterus schreibersii bassanii), for which she co-authored a National Recovery Plan.

Jemison, who also serves as managing editor of Bats magazine, has a passion for, and strong academic background in, science communication and the management of human-wildlife conflict. With BCI, she hopes to engage with communities around the world to promote bat conservation and help them develop better, more positive human-bat relationships.