Volume 37
Issue 1
Wind facility at sunset
Courtesy of Michael Schirmacher / BCI

This past November, BCIs Wind Energy Program team traveled to El Salvador to host a workshop on wind energy. The timing of the workshop coincided with the start of the 2nd Congress on Latin American Bats (COLAM), a forum for dialogue and scientific exchange for bat conservation. The wind program team worked with representatives from six Latin American countries to discuss best practices for wind energy and wildlife monitoring in the region.

This workshop was a wonderful opportunity to engage with representatives from several Latin American countries regarding best management practices for bats and wind energy facilities, said Cris Hein, P.hD., BCIs Wind Energy Program Director. Wind energy is a rapidly growing industry in several Latin American countries; however, researchers have traditionally run into barriers due to the cost of monitoring many of the field sites, as well as effectively disseminating results. Hein hopes that BCI may be able to partner with researchers in the field to assist them in their conservation efforts.