Volume 16
Issue 4

Dates are subject to change.

Please call venues listed for more information.


No international dates have been confirmed at time of publication.

United States

San Francisco, California

California Academy of Sciences

Tentatively scheduled for:

February 13 – May 2, 1999

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Junior League of the Lehigh Valley

February 13 – May 23, 1999

smaller version

Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas Museum of Science and History

January 16 – April 4, 1999

Davenport, Iowa

Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science

April 17 – July 5, 1999

"Masters of the Night"is a 6,000-square-foot exhibit produced by BBH Exhibits with help from BCI. The "smaller version"is 2,500 square feet. For more information about the exhibit, please call BBH Exhibits at (210) 599-0045.