Volume 7
Issue 2

Backyard bat house news…
We installed one of your bat houses in our little piece of woods last spring, and it was occupied in the summer and fall. In the fall we were having drinks with a backyard neighbor who remarked: “You know, suddenly I’m seeing bats. I wonder where they’re coming from.” When I said, “From us,” he was amazed. “You mean you keep bats purposely?” he asked. That gave me an opportunity to tell him what good people bats are, explode myths, etc. We left him a convert to BCI.
Virginia Miles
Englewood, NJ

BAT-O-GRAM: Early this evening I saw six bats around the bat houses I put up last summer. My bat houses are a neighborhood project, so when I saw the bats I called the neighbors that helped put up the houses. We are ardent backyard sitters, but have never seen bats in the area. I was watching purple martins and trying to determine how many I had this year when I saw the first bat. I do not know if they are staying in my houses, but I will keep watch and let you know. The arrival of the bats caused as much excitement as the arrival of the purple martin scouts. I hope I have just established the first bat colony in this area.
H.E. Gubbels
Lampasas, Texas

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