Volume 15
Issue 2

To all my friends at BCI: v15n2u.gif

v15n2t.jpgThought you might enjoy hearing about the birthday festivities that my co-workers at Sargento Foods contrived. My 40th was in September, and they planned a celebration around the theme of “Old Bat,” due to my love of bats and the bat information I am constantly sharing at work. In the afternoon, our executive vice president, Mike Gordy, dressed in an elaborate velour bat costume, took me from department to department to collect my bat gifts. I received some pretty unique and creative presents–everything from toy bats, old baseball bats, and pancake batter to the game “battleship,” bath oils, and the album “Bat out of Hell” by Meatloaf.

Everyone wore buttons proclaiming “Janet is an old bat,” with a picture of my face superimposed on a bat body! They hung these Janet-bats all over my office, which they now refer to as the “bat cave.” It was quite fun to have a day to talk about my interest in bats, and of course I took the opportunity to mention BCI to everyone! Keep up the fantastic work you do!

Janet Raddatz

Plymouth, Wisconsin