Volume 13
Issue 4

An Outstanding Member . . .

Once in a long time, one meets a stranger who is able to jar you out of your routine, give you a better perspective, and personify the best qualities of the “community leader.” You may not know it, but such a person, Mr. L.V. Tozer, of Oak Harbor, Washington, works for you.

A local Whidbey Island newspaper article brought me out today to hear a talk on bats. In July you had, as requested, sent me your Bat House Builder’s Handbook. This morning I was still hesitant to begin tackling actual construction. I arrived at the talk 20 minutes early to find the area already set up, with bat boxes displayed in various states of construction. The speaker was Mr. Tozer.

His presentation and audience participation were excellent. More important, his spirit was one of helping us to achieve our goals to further the provision of bat habitat. He left us feeling we were all part of your organization’s efforts to promote a healthy environment for bats.

At the end of the program, he gave away all the bat boxes he had brought, with the one provision that we join BCI. He evidently has built and given away over 80 bat boxes, including several that Navy biologists have placed on the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station here.

One seldom meets such a person. In the period of an hour, he displayed what true volunteerism is all about, and he showed how to help others achieve their goals.

E. Lewis

encl: application for BCI membership

Thank you, Mr. Lewis. Yours was not the only letter we received about Mr. Tozer’s dedicated outreach efforts on Whidbey Island. Although most new members learn about BCI through the enthusiasm of existing members like Mr. Tozer, it’s not everyday that we hear about someone who inspires others on such a personal level as he apparently has.