Volume 10
Issue 2

Bats, kids, and a creative BCI member…
When I volunteered to do face painting at the Children’s Spring Fair in Boulder, Colorado, I was besieged with requests for “Batman” logos on foreheads, cheeks, and chins. Instead, without knowing the impact this would have, I casually suggested designs of bats pursuing insects across faces. Ultimately, this motif became one of the most popular at the fair. All day I encountered cherubic little faces wandering around adorned with bats and bugs.

Another unexpected (but predictable) side effect was the educational value of these images. As I decorated children’s faces, we would discuss bats and their beneficial appetites that helped curtail the mosquito population. In a rather amusing but also profound sense, a simple substitution of a natural, yet whimsical design (the insects being chased by bats often resembled beauty marks) for a commercial icon, resulted in an increased awareness of the workings of nature and aesthetics!

Thank you for your good efforts on behalf of the international bat community.
Zanny MacAulay
Nederland, Colorado

With another “Batman” movie opening this summer, and fairs and festivals abounding during the summer months, this is a wonderful idea for other talented members to try.