Volume 36
Issue 1

Listen, I know what youre thinking when you hear the words, Hey want to help bats? Youre thinking, How? I cant help bats! Well, unless youre thinking of baseball bats, you can help the animal type of bats! Heres how to start, ask an adult and Google this question:

Bat flying in the sky
Bat Squad! member Logan Carter
Courtesy of Jules Carter

How can I help bats?

Oh boy, what an adventure Ive been on from asking that question! There are lots of great websites to help you on your way to learning about bats. I learned everything I could about these flying fuzz balls.

It all started with watching bat biologists catch bats. First, I learned what makes bats awesome! Fun fact, they can play a batty version of Marco Polo with insects!

Then I found out our bats were in trouble, and not a lot of my friends knew anything about it. So, I started helping out at bat education events teaching other kids what bat biologists do and how our bats are in trouble. I got asked by other kids how they could help. I didnt have a great answer so I asked adults for help to find the answer!

I learned about bat houses and how to set them up. I learned about which flowers to plant for pollinator bats.

I learned to put more lights on my back porch for insects, making it a bat buffet.

I learned a whole lot more about bats just by asking that one question.

Then I heard about a really cool event held last year called Pulling for Bats. It was a gathering where a bunch of people came to pull and cut invasive plants so native plants can grow and attract the insects that depend on native plants, which is good news for bats! The event was being done all over the country, but not where I lived in Indiana. So I asked more adults for help. I had a meeting with a local organization called Red-Tail Land Conservancy, who knew nothing about the Pulling for Bats event. When they heard about my idea about doing an event near my home, they said, Lets do it! I got more people interested in bats by hosting the bat event. The event had a huge turn out! It all happened because I asked that one question: