Volume 35
Issue 1

During Bat Week 2015, BCI partnered with National Geographics Animal Jam to promote bat education. Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online virtual world with more than 30 million registered players between the ages of 8 and 14. Animal Jam takes
place in the world of Jamaa, which is composed of various ecological environments populated by player- created animal characters. Kids can interact with one another by participating in multiplayer games and parties, all the while learning about animals
and the environment.

BCI collaborated with Animal Jam to create two short films featuring Bracken Cave and games to teach kids about echolocation. Players can watch the videos in the game and discover bat facts hidden throughout the online world of Jamaa. Animal Jam also
created bat characters for players to create and use as their avatars in the online game.

The collaboration is a part of BCIs efforts to further the reach of our education programs worldwide. All of the bat facts were translated into five different languages, and bat information was sent in parent e-newsletters to over 610,000 subscribers
in English alone!

While Bat Week may be over for now, you can still watch the videos at batcon.org or play our echolocation game with your kids. We will continue our collaboration with Animal Jam this year, so make sure to read our monthly e-newsletter, Bat Chat, for information
on how you can get involved!

Animal Jamming

The following are all real comments from Animal Jam participants:

  • Those are some cool pictures of bats, and thanks Bat Conservation for helping these amazing flying mammals!
  • My favorite bat is the Honduran white bat! They nibble on one side of the leaf and it folds over. They hang onto the stem! Its so cute!
  • Someone saw that I loved bats so they told be about this website! I really love bats.
  • Bats deserve to be saved! Bats are so cool!!! Some of them are super cute, some look just plain awesome! Vampires must be lucky if they can transform into these amazing creatures!
  • Bats are so cool! I saw a lot of bats once on Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas. There were 1.5 million of them! They eat a lot of insects every night.
  • Has anyone else ever seen a flying fox? Its a kind of fruit bat, and it looks REALLY cute.
  • Love bats, love these pictures, and if I love these pictures, I love Bat Conservation International. Keep Jamming!
  • Pawsome work, Bat Conservation International!! Bats are beautiful and deserve to be saved.
  • Bats are awesome and epic.
  • I love bats so much! They are so strange in a cool way. I have sooo much to ask about bats. Why are bats so cool?