Volume 3
Issue 1

Dear BCI Members:

In my two years as Secretary/Treasurer of BCI, I’ve been privileged to witness a small organization become a leading force in bat conservation efforts worldwide. I’ve been impressed by the hundreds of individuals and organizations possessing the foresight and concern to loyally support a cause often considered unpopular. BCI now faces new challenges and opportunities with a relocation to the University of Texas in Austin.

I am unable to accompany BCI on this move, but wish to extend my thanks to all of you who have made BCI’s accomplishments possible. Many of you have touched me personally through research meetings, phone calls and correspondence. I will miss you. Your encouragement has been much appreciated and it has been a pleasure to work with you and on your behalf.

My support and best wishes for continued success go along with Bat Conservation International, as well as my special thanks to Dr. Tuttle for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow with this unique organization.

Heidi R. Zogg