Volume 34
Issue 3

The Earth Day Texas festival, held in April at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas, is a family-friendly event that brings together leaders in the corporate, academic and nonprofit worlds to show Texans how green choices can lower their cost of living, improve their health and help save the environment.

The conservation message presented by BCI’s Board Chair, Dr. Cullen Geiselman, and our Education & Public Outreach Manager, Dianne Odegard, was well-received on the main stage, but the stars of the show were the live bats.

Using new presentation equipment, including an Elmo projection camera, Odegard was able to give the audience an up-close and personal look at many of the state’s native bat species while providing only minimal disturbance to the bats.

The fun didn’t stop there; BCI’s interactive booth also was a big draw—especially for children in attendance, who were eager to play our large interactive board game. Students from the Dallas Independent School District helped answer questions and learn unique “bat facts” as they moved their bodies around the board.