Volume 18
Issue 1

Thanks to BCI’s extraordinary successes on behalf of bats, not surprisingly, new bat conservation organizations are appearing nearly as fast as grass in the spring. Many are, in fact, led by individuals who received their original training through our Bat Conservation and Management Workshops. All rely heavily on BCI educational materials and research findings, and BCI proudly supports their special regional and topical collaboration.

Nevertheless, the public, and even some BCI members, recently have been confused by The Organization for Bat Conservation (OBC). We are happy when our products and research findings prove useful to others, but regret that in this case, an extremely similar web site address has been chosen, with strikingly similar-sounding conservation programs announced. This is a serious problem for BCI, since the OBC, which strongly promotes itself through the media, has refused to correct the problem, does not always share BCI’s approach, and certainly cannot provide our caliber of member and other services. We continue to encourage and support all conservation efforts on behalf of bats, but urge emerging bat conservation groups to establish clearly unique identities and work collaboratively with all who care about bats.