Volume 5
Issue 2

Bat Conservation International has moved into larger offices with the assistance of local volunteers and a generous development grant from the Richmond Area Speleological Society. The move was necessary because BCI had already critically outgrown the facilities at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory donated by the University of Texas when we first relocated from the Milwaukee Public Museum early last year.

Interest in bats and BCI has grown rapidly with membership doubling since last fall. Our small staff has been processing an average of 2,000 inquiries per month, many of whom (including some long-time members), no doubt wondered why it took so long to answer. Clearly, help was needed, but until funding assistance was obtained and larger offices were located, we were unable to accommodate additional staff.

The grant from R.A.S.S. enabled BCI to become independent of another institution for the first time and funded remaining items previously loaned. With the grant, BCI has been able to purchase the necessary office furniture, file cabinets, additional computers, a laser printer and upgraded software. We are deeply appreciative for their vital support an assistance.

Please note our new mailing address and phone number:

Bat Conservation International
P.0, Box 162603
Austin, TX 78716
Phone: 512/327-9721