Volume 2
Issue 3

Since its founding in 1982, membership in Bat Conservation International has approximately doubled each year. Today members include more than 700 individuals and organizations in 24 countries.

BCI and its members have made major progress in changing misconceptions and in saving some of the world’s most important bat populations. Nevertheless, we face enormous challenges. Many bat species are nearly extinct, yet some countries continue to eradicate them on a massive scale, even in national parks. BCI’s educational programs, publications, and lobbying efforts require active members and their dues. In order to meet increasing demands for assistance, we must greatly expand our membership. We are therefore initiating a membership drive with publication of this issue, and we need your help.

For every three members you enroll you may choose one of our new posters (see enclosure). Those who enroll ten or more new members may opt instead to receive either a copy of our newest slide program, “Bats: Myth and Reality,” or a 16 x 2O” signed Cibachrome bat photograph by Dr. Merlin Tuttle. Use the enclosed form to enroll new members, duplicating it as many times as needed.

Enrollment forms must be received by BCI no later than December 31, 1985. The results will be announced in the February 1986 issue of BATS.