Volume 7
Issue 3

Less than five months after publication, America’s Neighborhood Bats is back on the press for a second printing. Hardcover copies have been sold out at the publisher since June. “Despite the inconvenience, this is very good news,” stated Merlin Tuttle. “This demonstrates there is a growing interest in bats and bat conservation.”

In Spring 1989, BATS reported that while general sales were good, “institutional” sales were still quite slow. According to Tuttle, “There is always great value in having a book like this included in a school or library collection. When greater numbers of people have access to this kind of information, greater understanding of the values and conservation needs of bats becomes possible.”

It was for that reason that BATS requested member assistance in ensuring good institutional saturation of the book. Almost immediately after our request, sales soared. According to University of Texas Press figures, over 1300 copies are now in permanent collections. Although many factors may have contributed to this success, we attribute the unexpectedly good sales to libraries and schools to the work of our members. Thank you!