Volume 3
Issue 1

We are delighted to announce that, as of March 3, 1986, BCI will become a guest of the University of Texas. Our new address will be: Bat Conservation International, Brackenridge Field Laboratory, University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712.

This location was chosen because of the outstanding academic environment and facilities, the presence of the largest and most diverse bat fauna in the U.S., including the world’s largest bat colony within an hour’s drive of Austin, the availability of top graduate students and colleagues to collaborate in conservation related research, and the enthusiastic support of local conservationists.

Regrettably, Vice President Bonnie Sumner, and Secretary/Treasurer, Heidi Zogg will not be able to relocate. They will be greatly missed and we thank them for their past service. For two years Heidi served as BCI’s only full-time employee (a monumental task!) Bonnie Sumner will continue to be available to speak to interested groups in the Milwaukee area. She may be contacted at: 3823 N. Lake Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53211.

On July 1, 1985 BCI hired its second full-time staff member, Mari Murphy, who has provided much needed editorial assistance, while also mastering BCI’s daily business and correspondence duties in anticipation of Heidi’s resignation. She will accompany BCI to Texas, providing office continuity.

We thank the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Friends of the Museum and the people of Wisconsin for having assisted in many of Dr. Tuttle’s conservation activities and for having helped make BCI a success. We especially thank Milwaukeeans, Verne and Marion Read and the Chapman Foundation, for having generously supported and personally assisted in many of Dr. Tuttle’s conservation expeditions around the world for the past 10 years, for having played a major role in making BCI possible, and for their continuing assistance.

For the past 11 years, Dr. Tuttle has served as the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Curator of Mammals. His decision to resign that position on February 28, 1986 was painful but essential to BCI’s continuation. BCI’s ability to respond effectively to numerous conservation needs increasingly requires Dr. Tuttle’s full-time leadership, as well as the additional space it will now have at the University of Texas.

We are grateful to our many members who have personally sacrificed to help make BCI’s success and relocation possible. We still face major challenges in the months ahead and greatly appreciate our members’ continuing generosity. We are a small organization with an enormous worldwide task, and your personal assistance does have major impact.