Volume 1
Issue 1

ABC Television’s “Good Morning America,” plans to feature bats in early March. Dr. Tuttle was interviewed by Dr. Roger Caras, and viewers will learn how man benefits from bats through insect control and propagation of economically valuable plants. Additional ABC programming on bats is planned.

CBS Television will air a half-hour regional program about bats on judge Ralph Adam Fine’s “Fine Point” show this spring. He accompanied Dr. Tuttle on a trip to one of the world’s most important bat caves and does an excellent job of countering common misconceptions with facts about the values of bats.

BBC Television recently featured Dr. Donna Howell’s work in a halfhour documentary on declining nectar-eating bats in the southwestern U.S. Dr. Howell has documented a dramatic reduction in Agave seed production in the absence of its bat pollinators. Both tequila liquor and hemp rope come from Agave plants. The film clearly shows these bats to be harmless and essential to Agave reproduction. Hopefully, it will air soon in the U.S.

Smithsonian Radio recently taped an interview on bats with Dr. Tuttle. It is being released to more than 70 radio stations throughout the United States. Dr. Tuttle also was heard nationally on ABC Radio.

Recent newspaper articles, generated by BCI and its members, have appeared around the world, even including the China Daily. Magazine articles include, “Harmless, Highly Beneficial, Bats -Still Get a Bum Rap,” Smithsonian, January, 1984 and “Of Bats and Men,” Wildlife Review, Autumn, 1983.