Volume 6
Issue 1

During her recent work in Southeast Asia, Dr. Marty Fujita conducted several seminars, public lectures and press conferences, generating widespread public education through the news media and greatly increasing governmental awareness of the importance and conservation needs of bats. In Jakarta, Indonesia, a well-attended press conference was organized by Dr. Emil Salim, the Minister for Population and Environment. Dr. Salim expressed gratitude for Dr. Fujita’s efforts and suggested that she visit East Java to investigate the status of bats in the Gresik region near Surabaya. Officials of the East Java provincial government now share the Minister’s concern for the area’s bats, and at least one important bat roost already has received protection.

Dr. Fujita also contacted wildlife officials in Indonesia and Malaysia who are now quite interested in helping to promote bat conservation. You can help encourage their continued interest by writing letters of support for conservation efforts, especially on behalf of protective management legislation for flying foxes (particularly Pteropus vampyrus and P. hypomelanus). Letters can be sent to: Mr. Louis Ratnam, Management Division, Department of Wildlife and National Parks, KM 10 Jalan Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Mr. Philip Ngau, National Parks and Wildlife Officer, Forest Department, STIDC Building, Petra Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia; Mr. Patrick Andau, Chief, Wildlife Division, Sabah Forest Department, Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysia; Mr. Syafii Manan, Director of Nature Conservation, Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 9, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.