Volume 1
Issue 4

Bacardi Imports, Inc. has begun distribution of a million copies of their new Bacardi bat booklet, The Most Famous Bat in the World.” This 15 page, color illustrated publication provides an entertaining and informative introduction to the behavior, misconceptions, values and conservation needs of bats and promotes the work of BCI. It is available in quantity at no charge to those interested in furthering public education about bats. To order write Bacardi Imports, Inc., Bat Booklet, 7475 N.W. 7th Street, Miami, FL 33126.

Bacardi originally intended to distribute the booklet primarily through their sales representatives, but some 300,000 copies already have been requested by private individuals, wildlife and conservation agencies, parks, museums and health departments. The public and news media response has been enthusiastic, and Bacardi is now Considering publication of a revised edition, to serve an even wider range of educational interest.

We are grateful to our new Directors, Bill Walker and Gordon Sears, for this outstanding contribution to the cause of bat conservation.